Who are the Amoeba Sisters?
We are two amorphous amoebas who teach science. 
Who are you in real life?
In our human form, we are two sisters from Texas.
Petunia is the creator of the comics and GIFs.  She times the comics to Pinky’s audio in a movie editing program to create the videos. Petunia (arguably) has a better sense of humor than her sister counterpart. She is also passionate about gaming and using games in STEM education. Pinky writes the scripts and records her voice. She has a biology degree, a public school science teaching background, and a passion for using EdTech to involve students as creators. She is interested in science communication and closely follows the Twitter #scicomm hashtag.



Sisters from left to right: Sarina Peterson (“Petunia”) and Brianna Rapini (“Pinky”) at VidCon (June 2017).
How come only one of you talks in the Amoeba Sisters videos?
We both focus on our passions so much that Petunia prefers to practice her love of drawing and Pinky prefers to practice her love of teaching. If we switched roles, we would have to subject everyone to iguanas and silky bantam chickens illustrated by Pinky.  No one wants that. 😉 But…if you need proof that Petunia talks, please check out our quick “All Around the Agar” video.
So, why amoebas?
Why NOT amoebas? 😀
Well, amoebas are amusing and super easy to draw with their blobby figure. But on that note, you really do not need to be able to draw or have any special talents to create. Petunia has no artistic training or background. You just have to get started. Trust us on that.  We are definitely a lot better than we were when we started in 2013 (see our original amoebas from 2013 at right), and we are still continuing to grow in our work! We are life-long learning amoebas!
What keeps you motivated to keep creating?
Purpose. We find great purpose in demystifying science with our creations, and we love to empower teacher and student creators. Therefore, hearing that our work is helpful in education is especially motivating. This adventure has been exciting, and we have been recording our milestones along the way. If you like what we do, please consider supporting our work!
Are you both pretty much science fanatics?
Yes. Sometimes we drive our sarcodine friends crazy.  We were interviewed in January 2016 on The Show About Science hosted by Nate, a young science enthusiast. We also loved getting to chat with Drew Noftle on his new show ScienceMic in August 2017. Social media is a great way to get involved with science and also science teaching. Our favorite article on this topic is by an awesome educator, John Mead.

Do you present on how teachers can create videos for their classroom?
Yes, when you love what you do, you want to share it! We are very interested in empowering both teachers and students as creators. Our presentations show strategies of involving teachers and students in video/GIF creation while maximizing valuable classroom time. What future plans do you have?

Below is an update for the 2017-2018 school year! 


What do amoebas do for fun? Do you have hobbies?
For Pinky, science is also a hobby. She also loves spending time with her amoeba family, the outdoors, and running (pseudopodia) marathons. Petunia prefers the indoors like gaming, reading, and eating plankton. We both really love Pokemon Go, but Petunia is a lot better at it.​
Are you ever going to stop making amoebic jokes?
Probably not.

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