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The Team

The people behind the project.

SciReach Mission

To understand the different approaches used by organizations and initiatives in science outreach 

To build opportunities for organizations and initiatives in science outreach and communication to collaborate and connect

To promote an evidence-based approach for all organizations and initiatives in science outreach and communication 


The SciReach project was designed by Ben Marcus and Fanuel Muindi from The Stem Advocacy Institute, which is based in Boston. Learn more about Ben and Fanuel Below. 


Ben Marcus

When Ben was finishing up graduate school, he realized that while scientists in his community had much to offer to society, they did not have enough advocates out there who could accurately and effectively share their message. Fast-forward a couple years – after participating in several outreach events in and around Chicago – Ben found himself hosting the @iamscicomm handle on Twitter. There, he realized something really astonishing – there are students, teachers, writers, and researchers all over the world who share a passion for science outreach and have started blogs, podcasts, web comics, conferences, non-profits, and other initiatives to share science with the outside world. It was this community’s passion for science outreach that led Ben to begin collecting a list of science outreach initiatives that others could use to connect with each other and find new outlets to practice their communication skills. Now that it is built into a beautiful website, Ben hopes that the database will be an ongoing resource for aspiring science communicators to find opportunities to grow and indulge in their passion for communicating science to public.


The Stem Advocacy Institute
Fanuel Muindi is the co-founder of the all volunteer group called The Stem Advocacy Institute. The institute is driven by the idea that equitable access to quality science education is achievable for all people around the world. The core mission is to develop new tools and insights to support trainees, organizations, and policy makers in science around the world. As part of the group, Fanuel built the List of Organizations engaged in STEM education across Africa. Like Ben, Fanuel realized that there was a growing community of science outreach initiatives across Africa which he wanted to help showcase and connect. The combination of the two databases gave birth to SciReach! The database is part of a growing portfolio of initiatives from The Stem Advocacy Institute which envisions a future where equitable access and exposure to quality science education is possible for all. They believe that education with a strong foundation in science is a critical component for global economic growth, social advancement, and ultimately, global peace. 

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