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Women in Archaeology Podcast


Who We Are:We are four women, plus guests, who saw the need for better female representation in

Location: Washington, DC, USAWebsite:

Public Communication for Researchers


Public Communication for Researchers (PCR) is a student organization at Carnegie Mellon University

Location: 5000 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, United StatesWebsite:



Science Students' Development Network in Africa (ssDNAfrica)'s mission is to enhance the experience

Location: KenyaWebsite:

Science Communication Media


Strategic consulting on science communication, policymaking and civic engagement.

Location: Washington, DC, United StatesWebsite:

Science Communication Lab


The Science Communication Lab specializes in providing innovative visual communication specifically for the sciences and for complex, explanation intensive projects and products.

Location: Kiel, GermanyWebsite:

Science Communication Journal Club


We are a group of science communication specialists whose aim is to help scientists and other professionals keep up with the latest in scicomm research.

Location: San Diego, CA, United StatesWebsite:

Science By Design


We connect scientists with creatives to improve science communication through design and social media.

Location: Seattle, WA, United StatesWebsite:

Samantha Yammine


I am a PhD candidate who is passionate about science and sharing it with the world. Click to find out more about my academic research & innovative science communication.

Location: University of Toronto, Mississauga, ON, CanadaWebsite:

Rock Your Research


We write about the struggles that we all face to become better researchers, better people, and live a meaningful life.

Location: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC, United StatesWebsite:

Ricochet Science


Ricochet Science is a site produced by science educators to bring relevancy to the classroom.

Location: Boone, NC, United StatesWebsite: