What the Hell is Blue Streak Science?

Blue Streak is your one-stop shop for science news, and entertainment.

We are passionate about science. But too often it’s presented in such a dry manner that it would take a gallon of milk to wash it down. The fact is that science is interesting, political, frustrating, often funny, and always worthy of discussion.

Our goal is simple: have fun talking about science and to engage our audience…you.

Not only are you going to enjoy listening to the podcast, it’s also going to piss you off…at least I hope so. I want you to spit your morning coffee all over the breakfast table.

What You Should Do Right Now

We recommend that you listen to the latest podcast first. Why? The newer ones are better. The older ones…well…the newer ones are better. Go over the show notes, click a few links, and most importantly…engage! This is your podcast. Comment. Voicemail by phone and Speakpipe. Email. Subscribe to the newsletter. Give us feedback.

jeffpic02-e1404879664676Random Crap About Me

  1. You can call me JD, but I’ll answer to Jeff, too
  2. Enologist (wine chemist, microbiologist)
  3. Formerly a vascular cell biologist
  4. Birder
  5. Avid solo backpacker (mountaineering)
  6. Avid asthmatic
  7. Navy Veteran
  8. Met my wife in a laboratory
  9. Love jazz
  10. Once caught a tarpon (large fish) that I was about to release, but someone begged me to give it to them. I did. They took it to the taxidermist, then put it on his wall at home and has told people for years that HE caught it! Hilarious!
  11. Been to 45 countries
  12. An ordained minister for the Church of the Latter-Day Dude
  13. I abide
  14. Landscaped my property in almost all native northern California plants
  15. My dog’s name is Amy
  16. Love dogs…with mustard and sauerkraut
  17. Favorite color is green…no, blue!
  18. Ahhhhh!!!!!!
  19. Love Italian films from the 1950’s
  20. I talk a blue streak

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